Third Transnational Project Meeting

Participants of 3rd TPM in Porto

Place of meeting: INESC TEC, Porto, Portugal
Date: 31 May 2022

The third Transnational Project Meeting was held, according to the schedule, on 31th May 2022, in Porto, Portugal in
the premises of INESC TEC. The meeting was hybrid: due to the COVID danger, one project team member from Porto
and four project team members from Kaunas could not come and joined the meeting online.
The agenda included presentation of project status, financial progress, and the achieved intellectual outputs IO1 and IO2, discussion of identified technical issues, work to do and setting up plan for dissemination activities and sustainability of project results.
On the meeting, the decision on further work on IO1 was made, and the work on IO3 was scheduled and distributed
among partners.
There were 14 participants hailing from all project partners taking part in the meeting, including 9 in place and 5 online