Multiplier Event in Copenhagen, Denmark

Audience listening to presentation about FGPE Plus results

Place of event: Aalborg University Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Date: 7 December 2022

The third multiplier event of the FGPE Plus project took place on the 7th of December in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event was organized by Aalborg University Copenhagen (an associated partner of the FGPE Plus project) with the help of University of Szczecin. Almost 30 participants attended the event.

During the event, the members of FGPE project team presented three intellectual outputs of the project: the mobile version of the gamified platform for learning programming FGPE PLE (IO1), the connection of FGPE PLE with LMS tools via LTI interface (IO2) and the tutorial for teacher’s side of FGPE PLE (IO3).

The event was connected with the “Hack the box” competition, at which students tried to exploit their programming skills dealing with security-related problems.